Zero-waste brand Slowood plans to launch toiletry refill points in Hong Kong to encourage eco-friendly living

Zero-waste food and lifestyle brand Slowood plans to launch toiletry refill points across Hong Kong to encourage eco-friendly living.

The brand, which has stores in Kennedy Town, Central, Sha Tin and Discovery Bay, is known for its eco-friendly and cruelty-free products, which consumers can buy for less by bringing their own containers.

To make itself more accessible to its growing customer base, Slowood plans to launch 20-30 charging points by Q1 2023.

According to the brand, each charging point will have an electric and user-friendly charging station developed by the Slowood team. Products offered at refill points include shampoos, body soaps, disinfectants, detergents and dish soaps.

Slowood makes green living more accessible with the launch of charging points. Photo: Slowood

A study by environmental group Green Earth in 2016 found that 5.2 million plastic bottles were thrown away every day in Hong Kong.

“By making refill widely available, accessible and affordable, we hope to reach more people and promote the idea of ​​refill to fight plastic pollution,” Slowood said, adding that more than one million plastic bags and plastic bottles have been avoided. in landfills due to customers buying refills from its stores last year.

The brand opened its first charging point at the Central Market. It aims to launch the charging points in places like housing estates, college dorms, fitness centers and shared spaces in the future.

You can follow Slowood’s Refill initiative instagram account to know the new locations of its charging points.

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