where are the best farm shops in Somerset?

Increasingly popular with shoppers and helping farmers to diversify and survive in a tough industry, farm shops are thriving in Somerset. Catherine Courtenay checks out some of the best.

House meat:

1. Kimbers Farm Shop

Generations of the Kimber family have been farming for 350 years and sell their produce from their farm shop, Kimbers, near Wincanton. This is a mixed cattle farm and they sell a range of meat boxes and baskets, with the meat prepared by their own master butcher. It is free range and raised and slaughtered ethically. There is also a large selection of dairy products, groceries and charcuterie sold at the boutique and by mail order. Customers visiting the store can also head to Kimbers Kitchen for a bite to eat.

Kimbers Farm Shop also sells a range of meat boxes and baskets
– Credit: Kimbers

2. Upton Bridge Farm, Long Sutton

Another family farm, dating back three generations, is Upton Bridge Farm in Long Sutton near Langport. He specializes in the rare North Devon breed, Red Ruby cattle, which graze on the levels surrounding the farm. The meat is matured for 21 days and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and trace elements. The fam shop sells Walford family beef, as well as sustainably produced pork and chicken. It sells an excellent line of pantry goods, baked goods, dairy products, and seasonal fruits and vegetables grown within a mile of the farm.

3. Farm2Fork, Dowlish Ford

There is a strong philosophy of sustainable farming, supporting wildlife and allowing animals to live as nature intended at Farm2Fork, a small organic farm not far from Ilminster in Dowlish Ford. Greenway Farm produces grass-fed beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and goose. Cattle and sheep graze in grass-enriched pastures, alongside free-ranging geese and turkeys. The chickens are moved daily into large enclosures, safe from predators. Produce is seasonal and small-scale and can be ordered online or in the farm’s self-service store, which also means you can walk around and explore the farm yourself.

From the cider house

4. Thatchers Farm Shop, Sandford

Somerset has a good number of farm shops attached to cider-making farms, including Thatchers at Myrtle Farm in Sandford, which carries all of the company’s well-known ciders, as well as limited editions alongside cheeses and chutneys. The shop was originally opened by Stan Thatcher, who had run the family business since the 1940s. He set it up in the farm’s dovecote, but apparently it was as much a meeting place for local farmers , what a point of sale!

Thatchers Amber Gregory Cider House

The Thatchers range of ciders is available from its farm shop
– Credit: Thatchers

5. Sheppy’s Farm Shop, Taunton

Sheppy’s Farm Shop near Taunton offers a deli and butcher, selling local produce, as well as the cider house which stocks all of its ciders. The shop is located in the old red brick cider house, which is now Sheppy’s House of Cider, welcoming visitors who can enjoy the added benefits of a restaurant and bar. It’s also next to the orchards, so after browsing the shop you have the option of strolling through the trees to a children’s play area and a duck pond.

6. Hecks Farm Shop Street

Hecks Cider started selling their cider from a farm shop in Street Way in 1896. This is another family business spanning six generations since they started making cider in 1841. These days, the ciders are accompanied by apple juice, apple cider vinegar and perry. . The shop also sells cheeses, fruits and vegetables, jams, chutneys and preserves, honey and fruits and vegetables.

Choose cheeses

7. Godminster Farm Shop, Bruton

Try the Godminster Farm Shop in Bruton which sells the organic cheddar cheeses made by this award-winning dairy, along with all the accompaniments (chutneys and wines) and a few extras on the side like snacks and deli meats.

8. Westcombe Dairy

Head to Westcombe Dairy near Shepton Mallet where you can buy the farm’s range of cheeses, plus a few extras from other makers. Westcombe makes traditional cloth-bound cheddar, aged caerphilly, ricotta and smoked cheddar from the milk of its own dairy cows. The shop also offers local drinks – Somerset Cider Brandy and Wildling Cider for example.

9. Lye Cross Farm Shop

The farm shop sells its award-winning cheddar cheeses, made a few yards away, as well as other popular local cheeses.

The store also has a full butcher, delicatessen and bread counter, with milk, bread, fruit and vegetables delivered daily from the local market.

farm vegetables

10. Plowright Farm Shop, Nether Stowey

The award-winning Plowright Farm Shop caters primarily to the local market. It is in Nether Stowey near Bridgwater and operates on a self-service system, selling its organic seasonal vegetables and salads, as well as herbs and fruit. He also sells other basic groceries.

11. The Trading Post, Lopen

Located on a working organic farm, The Trading Post farm shop also sells food and beverages from across the region, supporting over 150 vendors. Its range includes closet items and whole foods and it has a delicatessen and greengrocers selling its selection of organic, farm-grown vegetables. Space for organic milk and milkshakes available via a vending machine and There are preserves, drinks, pastries and fresh bread. There’s also a refill room, providing dry goods, seed and grain pasta, and a wide range of eco-friendly household products and toiletries.

The holidaymaker’s secret

12. Middlewick Farm Shop, Glastonbury

What started out as a small shop for guests staying in holiday homes has now become a hugely popular farm shop selling a host of local produce including lamb from their own farm and beef from neighbors’ farm , Whites of Wick. Middlewick Farm Shop in Glastonbury now sells a wide range of produce and offers delicious baked goods and coffee. It has become hugely popular during lockdown and has also started offering takeaways. June should see the opening of a new, larger agricultural store on site.

25 years celebration

Anne Mitchell at Rumwell Farm Shop near Taunton

Anne Mitchell at Rumwell Farm Shop near Taunton
– Credit: Rumwell Farm Shop


People are still surprised when they discover that the pork chops, or the jar of jam they are about to buy, are actually produced and manufactured at Rumwell Farm Shop.

The farm shop near Taunton is full of goodies. It is divided into sections which include a food hall, butcher, delicatessen, bakery, cafe and flower shelter. You can do all your shopping at once – and stop for lunch; but 25 years after starting from a shed, it’s still about the farm.

“We just couldn’t have one without the other,” says Anne Mitchell, who co-owns the shop with her farmer husband, David. On-farm stores have been around for a long time, as well as PYO, or pick-your-own, right in the field. These days there are farm shops popping up in every county – but check they are what they say they are, says Anne. “Authentic is one of my buzzwords,” she adds.

Take this jar of jam. Rumwell has a Jam kitchen. It was started after Anne met a lady from WI making jams at Taunton Market. She moved into a kitchen in the farm shop and, using a Baby Belling cooker, started making jams and chutneys. At that time, the family farm included orchards, so it made sense to use leftover fruit in this way. As with all of Rumwell’s cooking zones, the Jam Kitchen is in full view of the public, and it’s still going strong – it now offers 55 varieties.

This commitment to selling farm produce, primarily their own, and those from other small local farms, is central to the Rumwell philosophy.

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