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Coimbatore: An action plan will be prepared to promote agriculture, which is being disrupted by extreme weather conditions, water crises and depletion of soil health, the Vice Chancellor of the Agricultural University of Coimbatore said on Friday. Tamil Nadu, V Geethalakshmi.
Geethalakshmi became TNAU’s first female vice-chancellor on March 29.
Speaking to reporters in the city, Geethalakshmi said nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, drones, robotics and atomization would be used to increase farming efficiency and reduce inputs including the amount of water, fertilizers and pesticides.
“We plan to train TNAU students to become job providers instead of job seekers. We will connect with industries to provide internships for our students,” she added.
“We will be open to ideas. Ideas would be converted into research. International collaborations will be encouraged. We will enter into MoUs with leading institutions such as IIT, IIM and IISc and student exchange programs to provide them with exposure and scientific breakthroughs,” he said. she declared.
“The university plans to hold an agriculture festival to benefit Coimbatore farmers in May to raise awareness of modern technologies,” she said.
“Integrated nutrient management is the way forward in agriculture. To protect soil fertility health, we promoted integrated nutrient management among farmers to balance yield production and organic farming. If all farmers adopt organic farming overnight, agricultural production will decrease,” she added.

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