This woman entrepreneur’s startup offers healthy A2 milk and other organic products

Malvika Gaekwad grandfather was among the people who laid the foundation for the Agricultural Commodity Market Committee (APMC) market in Pune. There, farmers from different villages brought their produce and prices were set for the day.

“While all other growers or manufacturers of any product have the right to decide their own prices, farmers have never had that right and that really bothered me,” Malvika said. His history.

Malvika also starred in a Marathi film Mulshi Pattern highlighting the difficulties farmers face.

As an engineering student, Malvika got into organic farming in 2013. After convincing her parents to buy a small plot of land to practice organic farming, she bought an acre of land.

During an internship at Uniken, she met Jaywant Patel and befriended their passion for organic farming. However, the duo realized that selling their products on the APMC market brought in little value, as vendors and sellers were unfamiliar with organic products and would treat organic and commercial products the same. .

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This prompted them to work in their own market to directly reach people in Pune who are looking for organic produce through Humpy Farms. Eventually they started to focus on providing safe A2 milk by leveraging their existing networks of farmers they knew.

“Offering many product lines was a challenge. So we thought why not deliver a product that every family needs every morning? This is where the milk was born with the principles of organic farming in mind,” she says.

Creation of a dairy start-up

Based in Pune, the startup’s flagship product is A2 milk. HumpyFarms also sells products such as paneer and ghee as well as a range of staples like breads, flavored honey, cold-pressed oils, spices, dals and millets, among others. Milk and frozen foods are only sold in Pune, while non-perishable products are delivered across India and can be ordered through its mobile app and website.

Its two A2 milk variants – A2 desi cow’s milk and A2 desi buffalo’s milk – are priced at Rs 89 per liter on a subscription basis.

They are served either raw which are just cooled and delivered with a shelf life of one to two days, or pasteurized where the milk is heated, cooled and delivered to increase the shelf life to two or three days.

Malvika says the milk is delivered within 12 hours of collection from the farmers.

Documents seen by His history reveal that the startup follows a rigorous process of DNA testing of cows and milk quality to meet A2 milk criteria. The milk is tested for 16 different adulterants and a range of antibiotics.

Navigate the market

Valued at Rs 13.174 billion in 2021, India’s dairy market is expected to reach Rs. IMARC search.

Malvika says her startup competes with several unorganized players in Pune whose products are untested and uncertified.

“Our real challenge is to inform and educate about their own products, as there are many unbranded and unorganized players manipulating the market. So we pay special attention to quality. We also allow consumers to visit farms and to send videos of our processes. Because we demand a higher price,” she says.

The startup has also raised Rs 5 crore as part of its angel round, including its funding raised from Piyush Bansal and Ghazal Alagh in the first season of Shark Tank India.

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