Shoppers Love Sky Organics Rosehip Facial Oil

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If you haven’t danced with rosehip oil yet, it’s a great time all around. As New York cosmetic dermatologist Michele Green, MD once said In the style, the ingredient has a small molecular structure that penetrates deep into the skin, thus it stimulates collagen and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Rosehip oil contains vitamin A (also found in retinol), as well as protective vitamin E and brightening vitamin C. Per Green, the oil is also an excellent moisturizer: it contains a “huge 80%” composition of fatty acids, which support cell turnover and skin elasticity, while improving the appearance of hyperpigmentation. .

So while there’s nothing wrong with products that tout a long list of ingredients, according to Sky Organics users, there’s just no need for the single-ingredient serum that covers all their bases. . One person shared how the moisturizing oil “smooths and plumps fine lines for an overall younger look,” and another said that after using it for a week, her “dry spots receded” instead of a softer texture.

Another user wrote that he decided to try a rosehip face oil after learning that Kate Middleton had used the ingredient, and confirmed, “Yeah, she’s onto something.” Their hands and face became “soft, supple and youthful-looking”, and while that’s not everything in life, it’s nice. Even someone with oily skin was impressed with how well it kept sebum at bay; the product absorbs quickly, according to one reviewer, and does not feel greasy.

As one penultimate fan wrote in her early 40s, the nighttime application softened their minor lines and gave them a glow, and they loved its minimal scent. A 63-year-old man called the dropper bottle his go-to: “It never fails; someone tells me how beautiful my complexion looks when I use rosehip oil.” Get Sky Organics Organic Rosehip Oil for $9 at Amazon.

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