Pro Pest Control Gold Coast launches new eco-friendly termite protection

Brisbane, Australia, May 30, 2022 –(– Protecting yourself from pests, protecting the environment from pollutants

Pro Pest Control Gold Coast is delighted to announce the launch of a new environmentally friendly termite protection service. The service, which will now be available to customers in and around Gold Coast, promises to protect the environment, helping to curb climate change.

The world is actively moving towards a climate-positive structure, and companies are doing their best to align their services to best meet this goal.

Around the world, governments have put in place policies to reduce emissions and protect the environment. However, it is also important that members of private industries also participate in the action. As different industries come together to commit to environmental action, the pest control industry also has a responsibility to do the same.

With this new termite protection service, Pro Pest Control Gold Coast is also following this line and ensuring that its operations do not affect the environment. The company touted the new service as a win-win solution for everyone, providing environmental protection while ensuring customers can stay termite-free. The fact that all customers can access it also means it’s the right decision, according to company executives.

As part of their official statement, Pro Pest Control Gold Coast executives explained that they were looking to overhaul their services to adapt to climate change. They understand that the environment currently needs proper care and they hope to play a role in maintaining the ecosystem.

Scott Dixon, a professional exterminator, said, “Termite protection is wide and varied. These days, most people prefer to use control products that contain chemicals and other aerosols. Although these products are effective, they can have adverse effects on the immediate environment. With this new eco-responsible service, we seek to achieve optimal versatility. We ensure that our customers can protect themselves while protecting Mother Nature. »

Speaking on the efficiency of the service, Pro Pest Control Gold Coast assured customers they would not miss anything. The new eco-friendly service works just like the original, and Pro Pest Control Gold Coast has assured customers that they will still be able to live free without worrying about termites.

Pro Pest Control Gold Coast has confirmed that customers will be able to access this termite protection service and all of its benefits, including:

Products without chemicals, which will not trigger any allergies

Fast service delivery, ensuring you can get rid of termites as quickly as possible

Affordability, so everyone can protect themselves when they need it

Pro Pest Control Gold Coast has assured customers that they will not notice any difference between the new green service and others they are used to. It should also be noted that previous pest control and treatment services will still be available, especially for other pests.

For now, the primary objective of the company will be to ensure mass production and to offer the service to as many customers as possible. However, Pro Pest Control Gold Coast is also committed to finding environmentally friendly ways to eradicate several other pests.

They understand that termites are just one of the many pests their customers have to deal with. However, they also know that termites are perhaps most prevalent in the Gold Coast region. That’s why they focused on how to help their customers stay termite-free while protecting the environment. The success of this approach will greatly help them to develop other environmentally friendly treatment solutions for other pests.

For now, customers are encouraged to try this new eco-friendly option and see if it works well for them. However, Pro Pest Control Gold Coast gave an assurance of effectiveness.

About Pro Pest Control Gold Coast

Pro Pest Control Gold Coast is a full service pest control company operating in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The company has been in the business for over a decade, providing the very best in pest control, treatment and quality management. Today, Pro Pest Control Gold Coast has a long list of clients that extends beyond the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

Whether you have a pest problem in your home or office building, you can rest assured that Pro Pest Control Gold Coast is here to help. The company caters to residential and commercial customers, offering the best in quality pest control. From termites and ants to rats and other rodents, they are available to help solve all your pest problems.

Contact information

You can get in touch with Pro Pest Control Gold Coast through the following channels:

Address: 1/21-23 Ereton Drive, Arundel, Qld 4214

Telephone: 07 5515 0220

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday

Email: [email protected]


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