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AAs usual, and for the thousandth time, I say that we are not paying attention, or rather, the relevant authorities in the government are ignoring the possibility of disasters and are not taking precautionary measures. We have seen it in the so-called “bedoun” problem and in dozens of other problems.

We saw it during the pandemic, and we see it now in the food crisis, and its negative impact on the prices of all foodstuffs and other basic products, with the continuing repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war and its impact dangerous on food stocks.

It was not surprising to find that our backs were exposed to all the chaos, idleness and corruption that we live in, and that we have lived in for decades, as to how to benefit from food security through the haphazard distribution of farms and plots and the billions that have been spent supporting water, seeds and fodder, all of which have been wasted with no result except the production of a few cartons of zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers produced by a few loyal farmers, who suffer from various random government decisions!

In the midst of all these dangers that we face and the chaos that has plagued us for half a century to meet even a small part of our food needs, the Public Authority in charge of agriculture and fishery resources has presented a “strategic plan”. for food security that extends to 2035, and needless to say, it’s not worth the money spent on its status.

Who can believe in the existence of an effective and achievable plan, which will be implemented literally without interventions or appointments of paratroopers by 2035, and which will not be postponed or deprived of expenses especially since it includes increasing agricultural production in quantity and quality, substituting the national agricultural product for the imported product, and creating an investment climate in the agricultural sector?

And of course the most important thing in the plan, which will make some members of the National Assembly salivate, and obtain their approval of the proposal to establish a High Council for Food Security, develop and update the options available to strengthen it , and establish “giant” agricultural projects (!!) to enhance the strategic stock and provide “financial funds” for access to self-sufficiency (100%) in plant products, at least!

The plan is not ambitious, but rather a failure par excellence. It needs hundreds of thousands of new workers, the source is known in advance, huge amount of water, special soil, farming skills and marketing plans are not available.

This is in addition to the weather factors, and the most dangerous is the corrupt environment in which the various government agencies thrive. If we were more efficient and more upright, we would have transferred “food security” from our shoulders and placed it on the shoulders of another country, through agricultural, animal and fisheries investments in huge projects common, and other suggestions. But where are the competent and honest people to manage these projects in an environment that has deteriorated to the core?

I remember on this occasion the huge shrimp farming and farming project in one of the cities off the coast of Iran, for which the late Hassan Hayat spent a lot, and he could have been self-sufficient for us, but he has everything lost, as a result of his partners abandoning him, and he left waiting for government support, which never came.

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By Ahmad Alsarraf

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