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The beauty salon specializes in a range of services including manicures, body arts and has expanded to produce a range of scented candles, body scrubs, bath salts, hair growth serums, butters body treatments, perfumes and massages. “The products are all handmade by us in the spa using 100% organic products,” Gleeson pointed out. Gleeson is a fully certified esthetician and makeup artist. She is known for her extravagance on the ramp as a plus-size model and her striking rainbow hairstyles. She entered the beauty market as a henna artist and later branched out into other aspects of beauty. “I have been in the beauty industry for almost 10 years now and in terms of development, I have managed to open my own beauty salon in Molepolole,” she said. The beauty salon plays a big role in empowering young people as it has appointed two male therapists.

According to Gleeson, who always strives to stand out, she hired male therapists because usually at spas, people hire women. So when she advertised the job, most of the applications were from male therapists, so she thought “why not be different and have men as therapists.” Gleeson sees beauty as a combination of qualities. According to her, it can range from aesthetic senses to a person’s character or traits, whether physical or non-physical. She added that the most beautiful thing a human being can have is confidence.

As part of her traceable background, she has worked with Nora Cosmetics, several pop-up stalls around Gaborone, Tebogo Mekgwe also known as South Africa’s Pinky girl and is currently working with Nandi Beauty Creations on skincare products. the skin.

Her aspiration as an esthetician is to serve and pamper her clients in the most forgiving way possible to receive positivity and create a healing environment. Casting her two cents on Botswana’s beauty landscape, she said the scene is growing tremendously as more beauticians emerge with exceptional work; there are people who make their own products to sell and create jobs for other people.

She added that there are beauticians who go abroad and work with great artists, also locally. However, she said most Batswana are very skeptical of local brands, especially if they are not organically produced. In this case, they can rely on the opinions of other customers about the product or resort to not buying the product at all. Moreover, she suggested that Batswana should try more locally made products to create a platform for beauticians to understand distinguished skin types and environment, thus contributing to development.

In terms of support structure, she said her family plays a major role in appreciating her father, citing him as her biggest supporter and investor. She said her mother drives her with motivational talks and her grandmother for the intensive push. “When it comes to the customer, you have to work hard as a business person to build customer loyalty, especially if you’re running a business where the product you’re selling is new to them and they’re not into it. not used to. You have to prove to them that this product is worth paying for,” she said.

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