Jhalawar Farmer to Share Expertise on ‘Bacteria Breeding’ at Tech Meet | Jaipur News

Jaipur: Devilal Gujar (67) from Dhaturia village in Jhalawar, known for his expertise in earthworm-based organic farming and development of organic spray formula in the district, is on the about to give a talk on “Bacterial Agriculture” in front of agricultural scientists at an international conference organized by the Pusa Institute of Technology (PUSA), Delhi.
A class 2 dropout, Gujar has acquired skills in organic farming while practicing in his field for the past 40 years.
“Over the years, the excessive use of chemicals in the fields has reduced the penetration of earthworms which add to the chemicals and minerals in the soil. I restarted the process of creating an ideal situation for earthworms in the soil. I also created an organic spray using cow urine, special grass, jaggery, etc. which adds even more quality to the farm,” Gujar said.
His spray is rapidly gaining popularity as it also keeps feral pigs and Nilgai out of the fields.
He received the award at the district level for his contribution to organic farming, in particular for making a spray.
“My lecture will focus on raising earthworms in different types of fields. The new generation of farmers have forgotten that the old ways maintained soil fertility,” he said.

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