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This week, Social history met with Purnota Dutta Bahl, Founder and CEO of the Cuddles Foundation, to learn more about their efforts to provide nutrition to children battling cancer and their underprivileged families.

Next, Divyanshu Asopa, Founder and CEO of 21 Fools, explained why people should choose seed crackers over firecrackers this holiday season.

Varun Ravindra has always been passionate about environmental and forest conservation. Deeply inspired by his father’s passion for nature and compassion for animals, he started working on the family farm in 2009, adding to the organic farming practices his father had started. In 2016, he founded Vanantara by purchasing 100 acres of land near the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border, which now has over 40,000 trees among more than 250 tree species.

From Erose in Tamil Nadu, Malika, 32, tells her story of struggling to feed her child after her husband died. The Rural Education and Action Development (READ) team regularly advised her and later she joined a clothing factory and started earning and supporting her daughter.

Purnota Dutta Bahl, Founder and CEO of Cuddles Foundation, explains how the organization uses a multi-pronged approach to provide nutrition to children treated for cancer in public hospitals in India.

Currently, the Cuddles Foundation’s FoodHeals program bridges the nutritional gap in children with cancer at 35 public and charity hospitals in 20 Indian cities.

SHURUA (R) T, based in Varanasi, runs sessions that not only help students practice the arts as a means of expression, but also as an approach to advance their learning.

The organization started with a simple vision of selling paintings made by students of the Hindu University of Banaras on its e-commerce platform, where 70% of the profits generated are shared with a specific artist to help fund their. studies.

Divyanshu Asopa, Founder and CEO of 21 Fools, tells us how the company started as an electronic magazine and turned to manufacturing and selling sustainable products. Today, he wants to create a shift in mindset towards using alternatives such as seed crackers and seed rakhis to make traditional festivities more sustainable.

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