Indian travellers: sustainable travel is a priority for Indians, travelers are opting for eco-friendly accommodation and transport providers

It’s not just about packing up and getting ready to go. Today’s traveler doesn’t just think about pleasure when it comes to vacations. The impact of their travel on the environment is a big concern, with 91% of Indian travelers saying they want to travel more sustainably over the next 12 months, a 76% increase from 2021 data. recently released its 2022 Sustainable Travel Research Report with insights gathered from over 30,000 travelers in 32 countries and territories, highlighting that the impact of their travels remains a priority.

With 94% of Indian travelers confirming that sustainable travel is important to them, 68% indicated that recent news on climate change has prompted them to make more sustainable travel choices. To this end, 64% of Indian travelers say that the sustainability efforts of accommodation and transport providers play an important role in their accommodation and transport decisions, respectively. In fact, 88% of Indian travelers say they would be more likely to choose sustainable accommodation, whether they are specifically looking for one or not.

In search of more sustainable stays

The awareness and visibility of more sustainable stays continues, with 68% of Indian travelers confirming to have seen sustainable accommodation on an online travel site in the past year and 69% indicating that they actively seek information on a property’s sustainability efforts before book. Even more encouraging is the 80% of Indian travelers who say they have actually stayed in sustainable accommodation in the past year.

More options needed

Of those who have not stayed in durable accommodation in the past year, 29% said they did not know it existed. While this is down 51% from 2021, indicating awareness is growing, nearly 37% said they still don’t know how to find them. 28% admit they don’t actively research a property’s sustainability efforts before booking, but if it’s readily available they say they will look into it, further underscoring the importance of reporting this information transparent and understandable to a wide audience. of travellers.

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Alternative destinations and times

There is a consensus among travelers that they want to avoid busy and over-visited destinations. When thinking about their future trips, 42% of Indian travelers said they would be willing to travel exclusively outside peak season to avoid overcrowding, and 64% revealed they would avoid popular tourist destinations and attractions to ensure a more even spread of the impact and benefits of their visit. 42% would even be willing to choose an alternative to their preferred destination to avoid overcrowding.

On the other hand, 55% of Indian travelers find it difficult to find less crowded attractive destinations and 44% feel that it is not possible to find sustainable travel options in cities or other destinations. popular tourist. This points to an opportunity for travel platforms to work with accommodation providers in these destinations to help them progress in their journeys towards sustainability and, in turn, highlight more sustainable options, as well as helping consumers discover alternative times and places to travel, without sacrificing experience.

Connection to local culture and communities

A regenerative philosophy influences decision-making, with 56% of Indian travelers saying they would rather leave the places they visit than when they arrive, and 69% of Indian travelers want experiences that are representative of the local culture. In fact, 35% say they actively learn about the local cultural values ​​and traditions of their travel destination before their trip and 39% would be willing to pay more for travel activities to ensure they give back to people. local communities.

Tipping point for transportation

Indian travelers are aware of how far they travel, how they get there and how they move once there. 31% of Indian travelers say they have chosen to travel to a destination closer to home to reduce their carbon footprint and 31% said they have researched public transport and/or bike rental options in their destination of choice. 39% have also chosen to travel by train over longer distances by car and 43% say they are ashamed of flying because of its impact on the environment. When it comes to booking transport for their trips, 73% actively seek out sustainability information.

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