Grab these clean, eco-friendly, plant-based meals at Bamboo Bowls

With sustainability and whole foods at their core, Bamboo Bowls ticks all the right boxes.

Bamboo Bowls is the latest addition to the health cafe scene with impressive bowls designed by star chefs.

Eight plant-based creations are offered by renowned culinary experts, including Justin Hammond, Bjorn Shen, Jay Morjaria, Jowett Yu, Mano Thevar, Nic Philip, Keith Wan and Eugene Chan.

The bowls are named after cities and inspired by their respective cuisines. Take Bombay ($10++), created by Mano Thevar of famed restaurant Thevar. Inspired by Bombay’s Street snacks, Bombay offers corn and chana dhal khichdi, pumpkin vada, basmati rice with kachumber raita, curry leaf crumbs and onions.

Protein can be introduced to add weight to the bowl. For example, spicy grass-fed and organic lamb kofta and carb options might be turmeric rice and coconut cauliflower.

Our other favorites include Seoul by Chef Jay Morjaria with japchae noodles, coconut-lime gochujang tempeh, and grilled gochujang prawns.

Tristan Lo, CEO of Bamboo Bowls, says, “Our love for Asian cuisine is so great that we have started a company dedicated to meeting the demands of modern lifestyle coupled with the importance of eating well, supporting our planet, while honoring beloved values. Asian cuisine. »

sustainable plant-based bamboo bowls, grab these clean, eco-friendly, plant-based meals at Bamboo Bowls

If that excites your taste buds, wait until you enter the futuristic Far East Square joint. Co-founder Sonya Sukha walked us through the user-friendly ordering app and the new-age spherical pickup pods lined up against the whitewashed gray wall. The bowls are delivered in the pods made of sustainable bamboo-based materials when the order is ready.

Sukha shares that the team took two years to develop the system, and as it happens, they came up with the idea for a contactless system before the pandemic.

All bowls are over 50% organic, 100% sugar free, 100% unprocessed and start at $10. Custom protein and carb options are available for each bowl.

Bamboo bowls is at Far East Square, 137 Amoy St, #01-03, Singapore 049965.

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