Glasgow Science Center puts the finishing touches on an eco-friendly makeover

THE finishing touch to the Glasgow Science Center outdoor space was added by groups from across the city.

The transformation is part of the £ 4million Connect program to renovate the science center’s exhibition spaces and outreach programs.

A two-way cycle path has been added, as well as a large bicycle park to encourage more cyclists.

A wet ditch sheltering 15 species of aquatic plants and the planting of trees have improved the biodiversity of the area.

Interactive exhibits for all ages include a walk-in kaleidoscope and ‘kling-klang’ musical disc, as well as a Fibonacci garden – laid out to mimic the sequence of shapes found in natural elements like seashells and leaves. .

The new kiosks were designed by Lorne Street Primary, the Glasgow Disability Alliance, Leverndale Hospital, Anderston Primary, Hidden Gardens and the Waveparticle arts charity.

The winning group designs were selected from over 70 entries.

Jane Docherty of Leverndale Hospital said, “The Kiosk Art Competition has certainly brought the Leverndale community together, involving ward staff, clients, family members and community clients.

“Everyone was delighted that the artistic creations were displayed outside for everyone to visit.”

Dr Gillian Lang, Deputy Director of Science at Glasgow Science Center, said: “We have created a safe and welcoming outdoor learning space with exciting hands-on exhibits and opportunities to connect with science.

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