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New partnership between Emirates Nature-WWF and Live Nation Middle East aims to deliver more sustainable events


Published: Sat, May 21, 2022, 6:01 PM

Last update: Sat, May 21, 2022, 6:12 PM

UAE-based entities have launched a first-of-its-kind initiative to boost the sustainability of concert tours and live entertainment events.

The new partnership between Emirates Nature-WWF and Live Nation Middle East will place greater emphasis on all aspects of live events i.e. flights, ground transportation, hotel accommodation, merchandise, the operation of the sites, among others.

Laila Mostafa Abdullatif, Chief Executive of Emirates Nature-WWF, said the partnership aims to transform the live entertainment industry and deliver more sustainable events in the UAE and around the world.

“This is essential for the future enjoyment of live music and the well-being of people and the planet. We look forward to facilitating our shared ambition to reduce carbon footprint and be the catalyst for market transformation. in the live music event industry,” Laila said. Khaleej Times.

Earlier this month, a pilot study was carried out during the Maroon 5 concert following the best ecological practices. For example, members of the Maroon 5 group flew on Etihad Airways’ brand new A350 aircraft, which offers a 25% reduction in fuel burn and emissions. On the road, they traveled in fully electric cars – a dedicated fleet of Porsche Taycans. Etihad Arena, the venue’s official partner, is located in the natural habitat of Yas Island and incorporates various energy and water efficient building systems. Eco-friendly rooms and reduced plastic items were provided by The W Hotel, where Maroon 5 stayed. Now, with the data collected from the study, a scientific guideline will be created to ensure sustainable practices for upcoming concerts and tours.

“This was the first time that the entire ecosystem of a live performance was examined, from flights to cars, to hotels, and finally to the show. We have received incredible support from pioneering companies in our pilot study – Etihad Airways, Porsche Center Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, Ali & Sons, Etihad Arena and The W Hotel who have already begun to help us pave the way for this study on the transformation of the live entertainment industry.Their partnerships will help reduce the carbon footprint of live events,” she said.

Laila pointed out that the initiative is in line with the UAE’s goal to reduce the carbon footprint by 23% by 2030.

“Furthermore, with the UAE hosting the upcoming COP 28, the project will provide a case study of the behavioral changes needed to create norms in a broader transformation of the events industry market. and open a new chapter in the sustainable live performance industry and beyond.”

Live Nation recently completed a global sustainability study, which found that 82% of live music enthusiasts strive to maintain an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

James Craven, President of Live Nation Middle East, said: “This initiative will provide us with the data we need to provide artists and fans with more sustainable options for touring in the future and will build on global commitments. that Live Nation took. With climate change concerns no longer at the forefront of our minds, it is crucial that we all look at where we can have an impact,” Craven noted.

The joint efforts of Live Nation’s Green Touring Program and the Emirates Nature-WWF Green Entertainment initiative will now extend to other live entertainment events.

Photo 5: Etihad Arena, the venue on Yas Island, incorporates several sustainable design strategies.

Laila said: “It will be done in partnership with Live Nation and other green supporters. As far as concerts are concerned, we have a very exciting line-up of live performances by renowned artists. Our goal is to transform the live entertainment industry across the Emirates, regionally and beyond. Therefore, there will be a variety of venue operators, airlines, ground transportation that we will seek to partner with.


She added that such an initiative is the need of the hour.

“The time for transformation has come. Local and global consumers are motivated to be more environmentally conscious and exercise their power and voice through the products they buy and the events they attend. Established artists also publicly state their requirements for cleaner gigs. Climate change is at the center of the industry narrative and the world must be ready,” Laila stressed.

The Bristol Press – Abrams intends to run for state representative seat from 78th district https://eau-bio.com/the-bristol-press-abrams-intends-to-run-for-state-representative-seat-from-78th-district/ Sat, 21 May 2022 01:27:36 +0000 https://eau-bio.com/the-bristol-press-abrams-intends-to-run-for-state-representative-seat-from-78th-district/ State Representative candidate for the 78th District, Aileen Abrams, said that despite her opponent Joe Hoxha’s endorsement by Republicans in Plymouth and Bristol for the district seat, she would push forward the procedures for primary election thanks to the encouragement of his supporters.

The seat of State Representative for the 78th District has been held by Whit Betts for several years. However, he will not run for a new term.

Abrams said that due to Connecticut law, Bristol’s Republican delegates had not been certified with the city clerk’s office pursuant to Connecticut General Bylaws Section 9-391 in time to endorse Hoxha during Tuesday’s convention vote. Bristol City Republican Committee Chairman Rich Kilby said to his knowledge that as long as good faith efforts are made for credentialing delegates, the convention credentialing committee can go from l before and appoint the necessary delegates for the approval vote.

“It was a technicality that I had all the shapes and somehow this one got left behind, the 78th. It has been filed with State Central and also Plymouth and the accreditation committee has vetted all delegates,” Kilby said. “I feel bad about the accident. I thought they were all in order and unfortunately I left behind and will take full responsibility.

Abrams noted that because the delegates had not been certified by the city clerk, she was unhappy with the process.

“But it’s because supporters have been reaching out in the past two days since the convention that I’m going to move forward with the petition,” Abrams said. “I will not challenge his nomination or his endorsement, but I will petition the primary.”

Abrams was born in Hartford to a social worker from Arecibo, Puerto Rico, and a mother who worked in fast food after immigrating from Chavina, Peru. Eventually Abrams’ family moved to Newington in search of what the members felt were better educational opportunities. The contestant noted that much of her teenage years were spent between family and friends with the Peruvian community of Hartford and suburban life in Newington.

She will later become a nursing assistant, but will move to get a job in sales. Abrams worked in a variety of sales positions and industries until his mid-twenties before becoming an entrepreneur and opening a Merchant Cash Advance office with a partner. She worked to hone her business and social skills by working with small businesses throughout Connecticut as her business grew to include contract work.

She now works as director of market research at Mark Bruce International, a legal recruitment firm in Manhattan.

Abrams also worked as a small business banker for a time and said during that time it helped her observe the effects of the pandemic at the local level on businesses. Because of this, she began researching how to get involved in the politics of the area and during and after a past run against Whit Betts, she struck up a friendship. Since that time, she now seeks to serve her community.

“I believe it’s important to be a proactive member of the Legislative Assembly and not just a reactive member who votes yes or no along party lines,” she said. “I intend to propose meaningful legislation to benefit the whole community, not the privileged few. I will defend the inherent rights of all of our Connecticut taxpayers. We must not allow the current rulers to take over the people’s state.

Issues close to her heart include restoring the rights of families in the way they make decisions for their children, better support for law enforcement, and changing legislation that she says hurts landlords and owners, among others.

For more information, visit the Aileen Abrams for CT State Representative Facebook page.

Posted in The Bristol Press, Bristol, Plymouth, Terryville on Friday, May 20, 2022 9:23 PM. Updated: Friday May 20, 2022 9:25 PM.
The federal government will send 200 young people to Israel and Morocco on crop production and animal husbandry https://eau-bio.com/the-federal-government-will-send-200-young-people-to-israel-and-morocco-on-crop-production-and-animal-husbandry/ Fri, 20 May 2022 21:14:23 +0000 https://eau-bio.com/the-federal-government-will-send-200-young-people-to-israel-and-morocco-on-crop-production-and-animal-husbandry/

The National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) has announced plans to send 200 young Nigerians to build their capacity in crop production and livestock production in Israel and Morocco.

Such a motive is in line with the continuation of the National Young Farmers Program (NYFS), a program that President Muhammadu Buhari launched a few months ago. The programs would have helped Nigeria in terms of food availability during the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic, otherwise the country would have gone to other countries to beg for food.

The National Farmland Development Authority (NALDA) has revealed that the aim is to make farming more attractive to the youths of the country as the training will equip them on modern farming and agribusiness, this which will lead to massive food production for Nigerians and more food export.

  • register here for Tekedia Mini-MBA (June 6 – Sept. 3, 2022)
  • Pay N60,000 ($140) before the pre-registration deadline of May 20.

They further revealed that Israel and Morocco were chosen because they have expertise in greenhouse cultivation and animal husbandry. Young people will be drawn from all 36 states of the federation, and upon their return to the country, they will begin teaching others what they have learned from the program.

This is a very commendable move by the Buhari-led administration as it will indeed help nurture a young generation of farmers who will use their expertise to advance the Nigerian agricultural sector. Also, this initiative will change the ideology of many young people, who believe that agriculture is only done by peasants.

They will understand that farming is a very lucrative business from which they will derive a lot of income, as well as an adequate food supply not only for their personal consumption, but also for the nation.

Such strategic training will also attract the interest of many young people and also be a source of employment for the unemployed, which will automatically reduce the unemployment rate in the country. It will also improve food security in the country.

Currently, Nigeria is still characterized by a high dependence on food imports. Due to food shortages in rural areas of the country, malnutrition is already widespread, which has often increased the death rate in the country.

However, it is relevant to note that food security is not only having sufficient quantities of various basic foods, but also having access to all citizens to these foods at very affordable prices.

Once this initiative is effectively led by the government to send 200 young people to Israel and Morocco for animal husbandry and agriculture, it will ensure the country’s food security and achieve self-sufficiency in food production.

Nevertheless, even if such an initiative is properly executed, yielding many benefits, unless the government puts in place strict policy measures to ensure the safety of farmers on their farmland and other security issues, a nation in food security will never emerge.

Once the issue of insecurity is properly addressed, with the expertise of trained youths and many others, there will be enough food not only for the citizens of the country, but also the country will derive more revenue from export of these agricultural products. merchandise.

Warrington Wolves unveil eco-friendly Magic Weekend kit https://eau-bio.com/warrington-wolves-unveil-eco-friendly-magic-weekend-kit/ Thu, 19 May 2022 20:00:00 +0000 https://eau-bio.com/warrington-wolves-unveil-eco-friendly-magic-weekend-kit/ The WARRINGTON Wolves have unveiled their limited edition eco-friendly Magic Weekend Kit.

Fans attending tonight’s Super League match against St Helens have gotten their first glimpse of the kit The Wire will be wearing when they take on the Catalans Dragons at Newcastle on Sunday July 10.

A first in rugby league, the kit is made from 70% recycled plastic, with each shirt using between 17 and 27 recycled plastic bottles depending on size.

The production process sees the bottles washed and cut into small pieces where they are then melted down to form resin. The resin is then used to form the yarn and produce the jerseys.

Supporters can pre-order their shirts for £52 for adults and £38 for juniors.

Warrington Wolves mainstay Robbie Mulhern, who is studying environmental studies at the Open University, said: “It’s a really exciting project to be involved in.

Robbie Mulhern and Joe Philbin in the Magic Weekend kit. Photo by Stuart McKendrick/Warrington Wolves

“It’s such a big issue facing our world, so using this project to educate people is really important and something I’m passionate about.

“Hopefully this can take off and be the case for all kits in Rugby League and other sports in the future.

“The big problem is trying to reuse and not re-make materials by the minute. If it’s successful, in the future it will save so many resources that will help our planet.

“It starts at home with people making positive changes. It’s about how we consume, be it fashion, food or technology. Everyone needs to cut back a bit and these are great initiatives from the club to achieve that.

Neil Williams, UK Sales Director at O’Neills, said: “We are delighted to be working with Warrington Wolves on this pioneering and innovative project.

“Our ability to meet Wire’s request for a durable jersey is something our research and development team has been working on for some time.

“To see one of our best professional teams being able to offer supporters a jersey made from recycled plastic bottles is something that gives us great satisfaction.”

Warrington Wolves CEO Karl Fitzpatrick added: “I would like to thank our kit partners O’Neills for working with us on this exciting project for what hopefully will be the blueprint for all of our shirts in the future. coming.

“This unique kit is a world first for our sport and part of a wider campaign to become a more environmentally friendly company and reduce our impact on the environment.

“As a club, we have a duty to our city to promote a more sustainable way of life and further activations are planned for the rest of the year and beyond.”

Klarna seeks new funding after valuation plummets to $30 billion https://eau-bio.com/klarna-seeks-new-funding-after-valuation-plummets-to-30-billion/ Thu, 19 May 2022 14:19:00 +0000 https://eau-bio.com/klarna-seeks-new-funding-after-valuation-plummets-to-30-billion/

Klarna Bank AB is seeking to raise new money that could value the fintech giant at nearly a third less than the roughly $46 billion valuation it achieved just under a year ago , according to people familiar with the matter, an example of the struggles the technology faces. investment world.

Klarna specializes in buy-it-now and pay-later services, a popular type of cash advance that competes with credit cards and allows customers to pay for goods and services in installments without paying interest. Klarna makes money by charging fees to merchants who offer Klarna’s services.

Klarna became Europe’s most valuable fintech startup in June when SoftBank Group Corp.’s Vision Fund 2. led an investment in the company that valued it at $45.6 billion.

The Sweden-based payments company is aiming to raise up to $1 billion from new and existing investors in a deal that could value it in the low $30 billion range after the injection of l money, the people said. This would represent a drop of around 30% from the previous round.

Earlier this year, Klarna spoke with investors about a valuation of more than $50 billion, but some backed down amid market jitters, one of the people said.

An expanded version of this story appears on WSJ.com.

Popular stories from WSJ.com:

MA SMART Program: New guidelines for agricultural solar tariff production units | Robinson+Cole Environmental Law + https://eau-bio.com/ma-smart-program-new-guidelines-for-agricultural-solar-tariff-production-units-robinsoncole-environmental-law/ Wed, 18 May 2022 18:29:31 +0000 https://eau-bio.com/ma-smart-program-new-guidelines-for-agricultural-solar-tariff-production-units-robinsoncole-environmental-law/

On May 15, 2022, the latest Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) review Directive on the definition of agricultural solar tariff production units (Guideline) for the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program has taken effect. The guideline complements the SMART program rules (225 CMR 20.000), provides guidance on how a Solar Tariff Generating Unit (STGU) qualifies as a Solar Agricultural Tariff Generating Unit (ASTGU) under the SMART program, and establishes compliance requirements for ASTGUs .

In general, ASTGUs are STGUs located either on land currently used for agriculture or on land classified as significant agricultural land under 225 CMR 20.02 that allows the continued use of the land for agricultural purposes. The SMART program aims to achieve 80 megawatts (MW) AC capacity of ASTGU systems. ASTGUs receive added value under the SMART program.

The revised directive significantly increases the maximum rated AC capacity of an ASTGU to 5 MW from 2 MW. Additionally, the directive sets a DC to AC capacity ratio of 2:1 and limits projects to a DC capacity of 7.5 MW.

The guideline also establishes criteria for newly created farmland to be considered eligible farmland on which an ASTGU could be located. Specifically, newly created agricultural land is eligible if it has established agricultural production prior to the application date associated with the SMART program. However, newly created agricultural land resulting from the clearing or conversion of forest land is not eligible.

The directive also establishes an obligation for ASTGUs to submit annual reports on agricultural productivity. These reports must show that ASTGU continues to practice commercial agriculture to conserve and use the land primarily and directly for agricultural purposes. In the event of a drop in crop yields, exemptions may be granted for a valid reason. If an ASTGU fails to comply with the reporting requirement, they may lose their eligibility for the ASTGU adder for one or more years.

[View source.] ]]>
USDA program helps farmers switch to organic farming https://eau-bio.com/usda-program-helps-farmers-switch-to-organic-farming/ Tue, 17 May 2022 23:45:00 +0000 https://eau-bio.com/usda-program-helps-farmers-switch-to-organic-farming/

LOUISIANA (KNOE) — Two USDA programs have been announced to help farmers switch to organic farming. The Organic Certification Cost-Sharing Program (OCCSP) will help cover the costs of transitioning to organic processes up to $750. If they need help training for certification, the Organic and Transitional Education and Certification Program (OTECP) can help with up to $250 per certification category.

Farmers in the region like the idea of ​​organic. Anthony Yakaboski of Yak’s Produce knows that sprays that help control pests can affect the crop.

“We eat while raising a family on produce. It’s just that we try to spray only when and if necessary,” says Yakaboski. “Then try to really look at what chemicals you’re using, because some chemicals you can’t get in the field or eat for a certain number of days or weeks or months.”

When someone went out to test their products, they discovered how it seeped into the products. “Generally, they’ll come back and show you a list of the chemicals you used,” Yakaboski said.

Another farmer, Donna Issacs of De La Terre Permaculture Farms, is working to obtain her organic certifications. They are doing a different process at his farm that will work hand in hand with organic farming.

“But what we’re doing is implementing regenerative agriculture practices,” Issacs said. “We also want to farm organically, but in a way that boosts soil health. To offer our customers a better product.

Yakaboski wants to go organic; he understands it would be easier for smaller farms, while larger farms might not be as likely to move.

“The probability is going to be difficult because on a larger scale it’s difficult for these people to manage or micromanage their entire crop,” Yakaboski said.

Issacs sees this as a start for many farmers to switch to organic farming.

“Because it’s hard work and there’s a learning curve and there has to be that support to get the farmer through the first three to four years of implementation after nature takes over, and it’s the sauce after that,” Issacs said.

More information is available on the USDA website.

Copyright 2022 KNOE. All rights reserved.

Organic Cotton Bikini Bottoms Canada https://eau-bio.com/organic-cotton-bikini-bottoms-canada/ Tue, 17 May 2022 17:11:23 +0000 https://eau-bio.com/organic-cotton-bikini-bottoms-canada/

Montreal, May 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Montreal, Quebec –

Frank And Oak, a sustainable Canadian fashion brand, has a range of women’s underwear available for sale. The collection can be viewed online by going to the link: https://ca.frankandoak.com/collections/women-underwear?

The collection includes different types of women’s loungewear such as bras, bralettes, briefs, thongs and bikini bottoms. The collection has proven to be very popular with the company’s customers who admire it for the options it offers in terms of styles and colors. Loungewear collection items are available in multiple sizes including XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL, and a variety of colors including black, tan, pink, grey, red, yellow, green and blue.

The women’s underwear collection is designed to provide the wearer with maximum comfort and support. The fabric used is antibacterial, giving the wearer confidence that they will perform 24/7 to protect the health of their intimate areas. The materials used are a mix of organic cotton or recycled nylon combined with a small amount of Spandex to give the products a certain flexibility and elasticity.

The Loungewear Collection bralette is wireless, eliminating the need for intrusive straps that can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. The plunge neckline bra has a smooth elastic band that provides the wearer with adequate support for the chest area. The bikini bottoms have a “barely there” design that looks natural and is extremely comfortable to wear. There are no wires in the hipster briefs, no padding in the high waisted panties, and the thong comes with adjustable straps.

As previously announced, all of these comfort-focused features are backed by a manufacturing process that uses only organic cotton, which is responsibly grown and harvested using sustainable methods. Items in the collection that use recycled nylon use nylon fibers that are made from discarded nylon textiles, spun into new yarns, reducing the use of resources.

A company spokesperson describes the experience of wearing items from the collection: “Loungewear for women should be both stylish and comfortable to provide them with the freedom and flexibility to live their life in their way. We kept these needs at the forefront as we embarked on the design process for this collection. We also wanted to achieve these goals with environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced materials. We believe we managed to incorporate everything we wanted into the final products with the creation of this collection. If you’re looking for eco-friendly and sustainable women’s underwear made by a company that respects the environment and strives to preserve its biodiversity, you can’t go wrong with the Frank And Oak women’s underwear collection.

Frank And Oak was certified B Corp in 2019. The company is committed to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance. A spokesperson describes the requirements for B Corp certification as the need to balance profit with purpose, public transparency and legal accountability at every step of the process. The company has delivered on its promise as 78% of its products are made with sustainable processes and eco-friendly materials and its design team continually pushes the bar to seek out and create products with the lowest impact on the planet. , its inhabitants, and its fauna.

Frank And Oak makes it as easy as possible to order their products online as they offer free standard shipping options for orders over $75. It also offers free return options for buyers who might be dissatisfied with the product. Items are packaged in fully eco-friendly and sustainable delivery materials that further the company’s cause of caring for the environment. Frank And Oak has overhauled its entire manufacturing and delivery process to meet these sustainable standards. The company also offers expedited shipping options to customers in Canada and the United States for a nominal fee. Visit the Frank And Oak website to learn more: https://ca.frankandoak.com/pages/women


For more information about Frank And Oak, contact the company here:

Franc and Oak
Anne Gael Plante
702 St-Viateur East, suite 702,
Montreal, QC H2T 1A8,

		Vodacom SA launches the financial services market ‘VodaLend Compare’
		Tue, 17 May 2022 02:23:29 +0000


Vodacom Financial Services has launched VodaLend Compare, a financial services marketplace aimed at offering unsecured personal loans to customers.

Available exclusively through the VodaPay super app for now, with the web version launching soon, the proposal allows customers to compare personal loan quotes in three easy steps, allowing them to request the best option that suits their needs and to their budget.

Vodalend Compare presents customers with up to nine tailored personal loan offers from independent providers and financiers, eliminating the process of submitting multiple applications to numerous institutions, which can affect an applicant’s credit score. These include Nedbank, African Bank, Finchoice and Boodle, to name a few.

Quotes are based on individual risk profile and customer affordability, with vendor-to-vendor personal loan products ranging from R500 to R350,000, and payment terms ranging from 3 months to 72 months. Approved clients can proceed to sign an agreement and funds will be released to them within 48 hours of approval.

The launch of VodaLend Compare follows the launch of VodaLend Business Cash Advance, which advances funds to small and medium-sized businesses. The two proposals, under the lending arm of Vodacom Financial Services, simplify access to finance, which has historically been a major economic barrier for consumers and businesses.

VodaLend is on the right track to evolve and continues to simplify and digitize the way consumers and businesses transact on VodaPay, with the ultimate goal of providing a one-stop-shop for personal and business digital solutions within the super hasp.p.

Mariam Cassim Managing Director of Vodacom Financial Services
VodaLend Compare is designed to cater to consumers who may need a quick financial boost for personal use, such as emergency medical expenses, unexpected moving expenses, or home renovations, without a cumbersome application process. Through a journey and app, within the VodaPay app, customers can immediately access an ecosystem of products that meet their individual lifestyle needs.

Wheat poised for a price breakout (NYSEARCA:WEAT) https://eau-bio.com/wheat-poised-for-a-price-breakout-nysearcaweat/ Mon, 16 May 2022 17:45:00 +0000 https://eau-bio.com/wheat-poised-for-a-price-breakout-nysearcaweat/

Biserka Stojanovic/iStock via Getty Images

War and weather | World agricultural markets in a vice

Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has profoundly accelerated the spectacular spike in wheat prices – classed as a strategic grain – and other agricultural prices due to the Russian blockade exports resulting in shortages on the world market.

Double down on the Teucrium Wheat Fund (NYSEARCA: WEAT)

Teucrium Wheat Fund (WEAT), which is based on wheat futures, has traded in a relatively narrow range over the past 30 days between $10.32 and $11.00, and I believe that It’s set to see a strong upward push as the Russian campaign continues in Ukraine and the Indian government’s ban on wheat exports as an accelerator.

The popularity and high demand for this fund was expressed in the New York Times article titled A Market Mystery: The ‘Wheat Whale’ That Came Out of Nowhere, published on April 8, 2022.

For your information, here are the WEAT performances that correspond to the dates of publication of my SA articles as a strong buy:

Over the past month, despite increased wartime hostilities and a halt in exports from Ukraine, WEAT initially traded at $7.66 just before the Russian invasion, then surged but remained within range, closing at $10.91 on April 14 and $11.64 on May 13.


As for Ukraine, the wheat sowing and harvesting season is practically lost due to the ongoing war, especially in the wheat-producing area where the hostilities are currently the most intense. The following table, titled Ukraine: wheat production, provided by the Foreign Agricultural Service, US Department of Agriculture, provides a superb visual of the wheat growing region of Ukraine located in and around the current hostilities.

For investors looking to view corresponding maps from the aforementioned data source for other Ukrainian agricultural products, in particular corn, barley, sunflower seeds and soybeans, it can be accessed in my SA article titled Super agricultural cycle on steroids, published on March 9th. , 2022.

Automatically generated map description

Ukraine: Wheat production (USDA Foreign Agricultural Service)

For this reason, wheat exports have been blocked since the outbreak of the war at the end of February 2022.


Although draconian sanctions were imposed on Russia, the West “created” exceptions by allowing the export of Russian food and fertilizers. The problem is that restrictions on financial transactions with Russia have delayed, and sometimes completely prevented, export shipments and deliveries, as importing countries try creative ways to do legal work.

The criticality of agricultural exports from Ukraine and Russia is illustrated in the following chart titled Why the War in Ukraine Threatens Global Food Security, provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Infographic: Why the war in Ukraine threatens global food security |  Statistical

Why the war in Ukraine threatens global food security (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

Alternative Sources: Wheat Shortages

Countries heavily dependent on Ukraine and Russia for wheat supplies are in dire straits due to severe shortages elsewhere, whether in stocks or crop forecasts, due to weather conditions. Other major wheat producers are facing difficult climatic problems, which have a negative impact on wheat production, and are therefore unable to supply wheat surpluses to countries heavily dependent on exports from Ukraine and the Russia.

india The March heat wave was one of the hottest in their history. According to government sources, they estimate that the heat wave may have damaged more than 25% of their wheat crop. For this reason, the Indian government has banned wheat exports. This extreme protectionist policy eliminates wheat exports as an interim solution for many poor, import-dependent countries that would have received exports from Ukraine and/or Russia.

As India is the world’s second largest producer of wheat, this removes a considerable amount of additional wheat from the world market. For this reason, wheat and other agricultural commodities can no longer be considered fungible and could wreak havoc on world markets.

Furthermore, as a major wheat producer, India has set a precedent by banning the export of a strategic agricultural product due to weather circumstances. Due to India’s huge market share, this could trigger a protectionist domino effect for all other wheat and agricultural commodity exporters.

France is the largest wheat exporter in the EU and was also expected to fill the gap in Russian and Ukrainian wheat exports. Since the French agricultural sector is facing near-drought conditions, a normal yield of wheat crops is in doubt.

UNITED STATES: Many agricultural states are suffering from drought, especially California, especially in the Central Valley, the agricultural heartland. California produces 33% of the country’s vegetables and 67% of the fruits and nuts. Canada is also experiencing drought-like conditions in agricultural areas.

China is one of the largest producers and consumers of wheat in the world. Winter wheat is due to be harvested in June, but crop yields are uncertain due to drought and flooding during the planting and harvesting season.

To make up for any shortfall in domestic consumption, China has the largest foreign currency reserves in the world and can drive up world market prices by crowding out and outbidding poorer countries to import agricultural commodities.

Quality of World Wheat Stocks and Realpolitik

Globally, government agencies have announced that they have sufficient food stocks to meet shortages, or at least buy time to obtain additional food. Understandably, governments may not be upfront with their inventory figures in order to avoid public panic and civil unrest.

What governments may not know is the quality of these storage facilities. Degraded food stocks may be unfit for human consumption but may be used as animal feed. If so, once again governments can resort to mixing the good with food of questionable quality to avoid civil unrest.

The great bike ride

During the aforementioned 30-day period, I believe that, despite the meteoric rise in wheat prices, the market repeatedly failed to fully price in disturbing geopolitical realities and the global collapse in agricultural production linked to the climate.

This trend has been supported by a plethora of highly credible data from private industry and government, including public statements from their respective leaders, and even anecdotal information from farmers themselves that have preceded official government reports and of private industry.


During a crisis, the movement of agricultural commodity prices is often unpredictable, like a wild beast that initially does not respect fundamentals. In this uncertain environment of war and climate, the prices of agricultural commodities will experience violent and rapid vicissitudes and could even significantly undervalue or exceed the fundamentals.

The cascade of events along the agricultural supply chain from farm to fork has impacted every node along the way, compounding the crisis.

For the above reasons, I recommended a strong buy for WEAT and expected a price of $18 per share by late spring.