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‘Fly blind’? New Zealand industry calls for new data as government mandates addition of folic acid to flour

The New Zealand food industry is calling for an update of the National Nutrition Study to determine precise levels of folic acid intake to ensure the government is not blindly robbing its recent move to impose the addition to the flour.

The New Zealand government released its decision to mandate folic acid fortification in all non-organic wheat flour used for bread making in hopes of improving health outcomes earlier this year , giving all related flour and bakery businesses until mid-2023 to make the necessary transition.

Not everyone is in favor of the government’s new term – the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council (NZFGC) calls for more caution.

“[NZFGC] clearly indicated our support for folate and its role in nutrition. FGC members have been voluntarily enriching bread for many years now. NZFGC Executive Director Katherine Rich said FoodNavigator-Asia.

Our caution has always been based on evidence of concerns about [issues including potential] overconsumption [especially] children from one to eight years old; the interaction of high folate status and low vitamin B12 levels with respect to cognitive function; and the impact of unmetabolized folic acid circulating in the blood.

New rules cut mustard: Indian industry hails government ban on blended oils to prevent fraud and increase value

The edible oil industry in India has welcomed the recent implementation by the Food Safety and Standards Authority India (FSSAI) of a ban on blended mustard oils, saying it is crucial to prevent adulteration and promote premiumization in the category.

The FSSAI announced a ban on all blended vegetable oils containing mustard oil earlier this year, but only recently issued an official order to food safety authorities in all states and territories in the world. ‘Union in India.