Eco-friendly toy store opens on Broad Ripple

Customers won’t find Barbie, Legos, or Hot Wheels dolls in Monon Toys and Crafts, but there are toys to be passed down from generation to generation.

INDIANAPOLIS – Finding a good toy store seems to be getting harder and harder.

In recent years, toy store giants like Toys ‘R’ Us have closed their doors as many consumers have switched to online browsing.

There’s a new toy store, which just popped up on Broad Ripple, but it offers a different kind of experience.

With so many flashy tech toys and gadgets on the market these days, stepping into Monon Toys and Crafts almost feels like stepping back – getting back to basics.

“I don’t think everything should be shiny and sparkly with unicorns all over the place,” said store owner Alla Kaphunova.

Kaphunova is new to the toy business, but said she has always been passionate about finding eco-friendly toys for her own children. That was the inspiration behind her boutique-style toy store that opened in May.

“We try not to carry anything plastic here,” Kaphunova said. This means you won’t find toys like Barbie dolls, Legos, or Hot Wheels.

She admits that sometimes going green means spending more money because a lot of these toys are handmade, but that’s a price she says some parents are willing to pay.

Kaphunova believes that many of the toys in her shop “can be passed on, no matter how many kids you have,” pointing to a treehouse play favorites dear to puppets and puzzles. “I would love to show my kids something that I have played with,” she said.

Kapchunova said most of the toys in her store are not what she usually sees in homes. Yet children and parents will have the typical toy store experience of being able to touch and see things before they buy.

However, she is looking to develop and sell items online. Check them out on Instagram: @MononToysAndCrafts.

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