CleenTec Dimension-Polyant Cradle-To-Gate seal to recognize environmentally friendly materials

Dimension-Polyant, a producer of sailcloth and manufacturer of 100% waterproof X-Pac laminates developed for bags and bags, has created a sustainability initiative on several levels.

In order to minimize its negative impact on the environment, Dimension-Polyant’s sustainable development program revolves around climate neutrality, materials from sustainable sources, the longevity of its products and recycling methods. its used materials.

100% climate neutral from door to door
As of 2021, Dimension Polyant’s production facilities in Kempen, Germany and Putnam, CT are 100% climate neutral. Carbon emissions have been registered under DIN ISO 50001 and significantly reduced through green electricity, green gas and other measures. All remaining emissions are reduced by the company’s carbon offset program in cooperation with Climate Partner and its Plastic Free Oceans climate protection project.

“The COVID pandemic has given us time to reflect, review and take action on our sustainability goals, starting first by making our production facilities as green as possible,” said Uwe Stein, CEO of Dimension-Polyant. “We are proud of our commitment in 2020 which has led us to be 100% door-to-door carbon neutral in 2021. We are also delighted to have partnered with ClimatePartner in their marine protection program which ensures less plastic penetrates in the sea and is used instead for recycled materials, an initiative that is close to our hearts.

To help consumers identify its environmentally friendly materials, Dimension-Polyant has developed its cleenTEC seal, a name derived from the words clean and green. Materials bearing the cleenTEC label are guaranteed to be manufactured in climate-neutral production facilities and feature one or more environmentally friendly innovations.

CleenTEC Cradle-to-Gate Carbon neutral and responsible materials
Dimension-Polyant is expanding its line of eco-friendly X-Pac materials to complete its line of VX laminates. Its RX line is made from 100% recycled polyester made from PET bottles sourced from the United States.

Circularity and sustainability are the new green
The company said “Dimension-Polyant and X-Pacdurable materials are designed for the long haul, not for landfill. Dimension-Polyant is also researching end-of-life solutions for products made from its used materials in collaboration with the Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI).

“Sustainability is a journey, and we will continue on our path to reduce our carbon footprint and work with our partner brands to develop products that their customers can feel happy to buy and use again and again,” said Stein. .

Photo courtesy of Dimension-Polyant

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