“Boy Scout Lives Matter,” Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding Says As They Approach 100,000 Sexual Abuse Claims Filed Through Bankruptcy Process

Pre Settlement Funding Company is appalled at the number of children being abused by an organization with little impact on perpetrators. The company continues to fund limited cases of BSA as the process is expected to take many years to resolve.

WASHINGTON, November 24, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Legal-Bay, The Pre-Settlement Funding Company, today announced that while they are still funding a limited number of Boy Scouts of America Cases, they are dismayed at the final tally of over 92K complaints of sexual abuse and harassment already filed. Legal-Bay’s latest estimate of cases filed over the summer was around 25K, however, with a delay of November 16 submitting all claims, that number has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, the high number of claims puts significant pressure on the settlement amounts awarded to plaintiffs at the end of their trials.

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While the country has focused for much of 2020 on the Black Lives Matter protests and Donald trump with campaign rallies taking place in the midst of a global pandemic, it was easy to ignore an equally large epidemic that was unfolding across our nation: the sexual abuse of our nation’s children. Between a presidential election, escalating racial unrest and COVID, the country’s priorities have shifted away from these children during this tumultuous year.

Legal-Bay has never wavered in its dedication to the cause of children. They have supported victims of childhood sexual abuse for years; it is an issue that has affected thousands of innocent children in organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America, the Catholic Church, or state-run group homes.

Chris Janish, CEO of Legal-Bay commented, “Shame on America for turning its back on the systemic child abuse problem we have in this country. Whether the Sandusky affair at State of pennsylvania, Larry Nassar’s assaults on our Olympic athletes, or the many cases of abuse by BSA and the Catholic Church, these situations are horrific in nature and have caused mental and emotional damage to nearly all of the victims. Our hearts go out to the survivors, and we hope they will see sufficient compensation as well as more effective measures put in place to ensure that children are better protected in the future. “

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Due to the large number of claims filed in bankruptcy courts, Legal-Bay predicts that BSA cases and final payments to victims could last three years or more. And due to limited BSA assets and bankruptcy filings, plaintiffs may not see high settlement amounts or values. Cases will most likely be grouped into category levels ranging from most serious to least. However, some Catholic dioceses that have large assets and fewer cases might see settlement values ​​north of $ 1 millioneven for individual prosecutions. Legal-Bay is constantly updating its underwriting criteria as the landscape changes with each new case and jurisdiction.

Legal-Bay remains committed to helping victims of sexual abuse or sexual harassment by providing instant pre-settlement funding capital to pay the bills while they wait for their legal cases to be resolved. The company is also very active in financing all types of personal injuries and accidents, including car, boat or truck accidents, as well as unfair dismissals, discrimination in the workplace, wrongful convictions or imprisonments, police brutality, medical malpractice, commercial litigation and more.

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Legal-Bay’s loan settlement programs provide immediate liquidity before the applicant’s anticipated monetary compensation. Non-recourse business financing, sometimes referred to as lawsuit loans or settlement loans, is risk-free because the money does not need to be repaid if the beneficiary loses their case. Therefore, lawsuit loans are not really loans, but rather a cash advance.

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