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Raipur: Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on the occasion of Akshay Tritya and ‘Mati Pujan Tihar’ said the state has started taking sincere measures to deal with global warming and problems similar environmental conditions by promoting organic farming and encouraging scientific farming. CM Baghel attended events with farmers at the Indira Gandhi University of Agriculture and drove a tractor around the university, where organic farming is practiced.
Baghel participated in agricultural activities on Tuesday in a bid to promote Chhattisgarh culture and agriculture.
CM is committed to protecting the land and soil of the state by using maximum organic fertilizers in fields, gardens and farms, and preventing the use of chemicals that pollute the soil, groundwater groundwater and the environment.
“In the vedas it is said that we must obtain permission from the earth and the soil before using it for our purposes and this tradition must be continued so that we can cherish the fertility of the earth. The chemical fertilizers used affect the food we eat and have a negative impact on our health. It’s simple if we take care of our earth and don’t pollute it, we will protect humanity,” said CM Baghel.
Amid a series of events, CM said the state has bought 68 lakh quintals of cow dung till date and will soon start buying cow urine as a sign of going organic .
“During the past 35 years of the agricultural university, its scientists have developed 110 types of seeds while farmers in the state have developed 25,000 types of seeds, indicating that farmers have also followed an approach science and should be encouraged,” he said. added.

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