As XtraLarge Meal wins Best Brand in Africa award

“It is health that is real wealth and not coins of gold and silver.”

–Mahatma Gandhi

Making a big difference, as the leading player in the fertile field of the organic farming sub-sector in Nigeria’s competitive agricultural sector, is none other than Xtralarge Farms, ably led by the very resourceful and focused couple agriculture of Mr. Seyi and Mrs. Moji Davids.
Years ago, they came up with the unique concept which has a vision of raising a generation of passionate farmers, by creating various agricultural and investment platforms across Nigeria and beyond.

As part of the food company’s efforts to ensure that Nigerians enjoy the health benefits of eating pure organic food, produced without chemical additives or preservatives, the hugely popular Nigerian Agricultural Investment Company has introduced the meal Xtralarge a few years ago.

The meal, ingeniously prepared and composed of plantain and local rice, appears as creamy as pounded yam. As a “swallow food”, it can be eaten with any type of local soup such as egusi, eforiro, ogbono, ugu, and bitter leaf.

It’s no surprise, then, that Wonder Meal recently won the proudly evoking laurel of the Best Premium Food Product award from the Congress of African Brands.
In fact, it couldn’t have come at a more propitious time as the country grapples with a high food inflation rate as one of the clues of an economy wallowing in a worrying quagmire.

The award therefore came as a ray of hope that all is not lost if only Nigerians can actively participate in high-tech organic farming. Additionally, the award came shortly after Xtralarge Farms director duo Seyi and Moji Davids were honored by European-American University with doctoral degrees, specifically in business management and corporate leadership.

“Wow”! One million and one of their devout farmer family members, friends and fans cheered around the world. The truth is that their awards are all well deserved.

Before we look at the nutritional benefits of the award-winning Wonder Meal, let’s understand what organic farming is. It is considered an important way to provide people with healthier food choices.
It is considered a sustainable agricultural practice because it does not use harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides that deplete the nutritional value of food and have detrimental effects on the environment.

However, one of the persistent challenges is that many Nigerian farmers are unfamiliar with organic farming methods. Most still grow fruits and vegetables using chemical fertilizers and still apply pesticides which can be harmful to consumers.

Organic agriculture has brought to the fore the imperatives of biosecurity and environmental protection in accordance with internationally accepted best practices. The issue goes beyond the mass production of various food products.

Indeed, the challenges to be met are many. These include insufficient financing, low level of mechanization, lack of stakeholder involvement in policy formulation, and the reluctance of banks to offer long-term loans, especially to rural farmers. But Xtralarge Farms broke the jinx with Wondermeal’s immense health benefits. So what are they?

XtralargeWondermeal is a natural blend of local rice and plantain flour. The raw, unpolished nature of local rice, combined with the high fiber content of plantain flour, makes it a “true miracle meal”, which does wonders for your health.

It is an exceptional solid food which helps the consumer to “stay light” even if he “eats a lot”. From a nutritional point of view, its high fiber content helps defecation, thus avoiding constipation.

Plus, it aids in weight loss for people who want to watch their weight. Since food is not stored in the body for a long time, the tendency to store fat is minimal.

A critical analysis of its nutritional content also shows that Wonder Meal is truly rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamins which are essential for strong and healthy bones. Given these magic minerals, it reduces the chances of osteoporosis; a disease caused by weakening of the bones due to low levels of calcium and magnesium.

In addition, it has the vital vitamins A, B6 and C, which contribute to better and clearer vision, better skin tone, building immunity against diseases and reducing the harmful effects of free radicals. Also, Wonder Meal is able to reduce anemic symptoms due to the presence of vitamin B6.

A wonderful meal when prepared and eaten with fresh vegetables is able to increase libido, thereby increasing sexual performance for both men and women.

The high level of calcium in every 100g of Wondermeal, which can be likened to the calcium obtained in a glass of milk, makes it essential for brain development and mental accuracy in children of all ages.

If housewives regularly prepare Wondermeal for children, especially with okro, they will notice a remarkable difference in their school performance. It is safe for diabetic and hypertensive patients because the main ingredients it contains are the foods recommended by doctors for patients and people in this category.

As an organic meal, Wondermeal is prepared in the most natural way, without any type of chemicals, preservatives, flavorings and colorings. All these attributes help to make it very safe for human health.

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And as for the award-winning couple who recently received doctorates from European-American University, their astonishing achievements so far have shown that they are well-deserved. One needs to have a glimpse of the founding of the business to appreciate the couple’s dynamic vision for food security and nutrition security in Nigeria.

The interesting aspect of Xtralarge Farms is its ability to bring together people from different professions such as bankers, lawyers, teachers, especially those who showed no interest and did not want to get into farming in the first place. . To do this, he confessed that: “We have to give agriculture a new look, a new dress.

The question we needed to answer is how can you be in farming and still be flamboyant? We recognize that we are in a part of the world where people like to look good; still wear their ties, their suites as a guarantee of success. We want them to do it and still be proud to be farmers. So we had to take a new approach.

Recalling that Nigeria’s economic growth began with agriculture, driven by “the groundnut pyramids in the north, the home of cocoa in the west, with sub-Saharan Africa’s first television station built entirely with farm money, it was necessary to retrace our steps to those good old days. We got it wrong as a nation when we abandoned them and walked away from white collar jobs.

“Now we realize that we have to go back to the source to feed ourselves. This is what the current government is doing with the ban on importing foreign rice. This stimulated local production. We have seen the benefits of local rice. We are planting more rice”.

Congratulations again to the Xtralarge Farms family!

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