A farmer from Bidar achieves what is considered impossible

A farmer from Ghatboral village, Humnabad taluk, Bidar district, has achieved what is considered impossible for many of his peers. Apparao D. Bhosle has successfully established his own apple orchard on three acres of land.

Bhosle knew that Humnabad taluk is not the valley of Kashmir, but he was determined to prove that anything can be cultivated if there is fertile soil.

In 2009, the 45-year-old farmer, who went through financial turmoil as traditional crops failed for consecutive years, left home never to return. However, a few months later, he came back to the village with top quality fruit and plant seed varieties from different states including Haryana, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

Bhosle, addressing The Hindu from his village, shared his story of how he became a successful farmer.

Initially, he experimented with 20 plants of each fruit and then grew 200 sapodilla or sapota saplings, mango and fig trees in different states.

After 10 years of tireless efforts, the farmer succeeded in growing Shimla apples in the arid lands of Bidar district. After growing a variety of fruits including sapote, mangoes, black plum, guava and figs on four acres of land, he thought of planting apple trees in the remaining three acres.

And, he started working on it. Although the harvest failed several times, he continued to try each year with different varieties of apple tree saplings. In 2020, he purchased 200 saplings of the HRMN-99 apple variety from Rupeesh Sunvane, a farmer in Himachal Pradesh. This variety of apple is grown in an area where the maximum temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius.

Bhosle was convinced that he could also grow fruit in his area.

The farmer began to seriously pursue his dreams with organic farming on three acres of land and also adopted vermicompost technology for better plant growth and yield.

While apple trees of this variety usually bear fruit in about four to five years in Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, saplings planted on his land began to flower and bear fruit in two years. The trees have borne 20 to 25 fruits and the yield should be better in the second harvest. Although the fruits are small, they are tasty. The trees reached a height of 10 to 12 feet, Bhosle said.

The farmer sells his produce on the Hyderabad-Mumbai trunk road. He spent around Rs.5.5 lakh for planting on all of his seven acres of land. He earns between Rs.10 lakh and Rs.12 lakh per year, he added.

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