14 best refillable deodorants in 2022

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Take a peek in bathrooms across the country and you’ll likely find more shampoo bars, bamboo toothbrushes and metal razors than ever before as consumers seek to reduce their plastic use and their environmental footprint. . But what about our deodorants? The number of people using antiperspirants continues to increase and is expected to reach 306 million adults in the United States by 2024. While we’re all for freshly scented kernels, the average container of deodorant only lasts three months. Globally, that means “we throw away over 3.2 billion single-use plastic deodorants each year,” says Matt Kennedy, co-founder of refillable deodorant brand Fussy.

While their impact on landfills and the oceans should certainly not be overlooked, Kennedy explains that it’s critical to consider the big picture. “[There’s] the emissions involved in the production of this product; transport to the other side of the world; then its elimination. With a product that you use and buy over and over again, like deodorant, it quickly starts to add up, ”he says.

Enter refillable deodorants: durable cases with easy-to-swap inserts that can be reused over and over again to dramatically reduce environmental impact. Fortunately, consumers are already seeing their appeal. Web searches for refillable deodorants have increased by more than 150% in recent months, and research reveals 34 percent of consumers want to use plastic-free or reduced-plastic deodorants.

Want to join us? You’re in luck: we’ve rounded up 14 refillable deodorants that don’t compromise on scent Where style.

Here are 14 of the best refillable deodorants in 2022:

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