13 eco-friendly bathtime essentials

The purpose of bath time is to get your child perfectly clean. But what if the products you use work against you? From toxin-free shampoo to greener gear, we’ve rounded up the eco-friendly bathtime essentials to keep your little one clean, healthy and safe.

Here are 13 essentials to make bath time fun, clean and eco-friendly.

1. Toys: Olie and Carol. If the fear of old bathwater in your child’s toys scares you a little, that’s okay, it scares us too. Fortunately, Oli and Carol’s bath toys are designed without holes, making them hygienic and mold free. Plus, these toys are made from all-natural vegetable rubber and are colored with food grade dyes. So there is no need to worry when they inevitably end up in your baby’s mouth. $ 17, buy here.

2. Stackable cups: Ubbi. Your kids will love playing with Ubbi’s stack and splash bath toys, and you’ll love them because they are free of PVC, BPA, and phthalates. These toys are fun, safe, and stack up for easy storage when bath time is over. In addition, you can use them to rinse the shower gel off baby’s body and head. $ 12.77, buy here.

3. Bath steps: Puj. These colorful bath threads from Puj will keep your child safe while playing in the tub and are also hygienic for their little bottoms. Unlike traditional bath steps, these adhere directly to the surface of the tub, meaning no mold build-up or additional cleaning is required. Made from PVC and BPA free materials, these treads are soft and gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. And no need to worry that these bath steps will damage your rental’s tub – they come off cleanly and leave no residue. $ 15, buy here.

4. Bathtub: Stokke. For parents who feel guilty as they watch the bathwater flow down the drain, the Stokke Flexi Bath is the perfect solution. This tub can be used from infancy, with the additional purchase of the newborn support, up to the age of four. That’s a lot of water saved! An added bonus, this tub is perfect for small spaces as it folds flat for storage. $ 45.50, buy here.

5. Bubbles: babyganics. Kids love bubble baths, and you’ll love that babyganics doesn’t add any parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, petrolatum, artificial fragrances, or colors to theirs! This bubble bath is super sweet, nourishing, tear free and most of all fun – everything a good bubble bath should be. $ 17.98, buy here.

6. Shower gel: Fresh Monster. Fresh Monster is all about making natural products that don’t cost an arm and a leg, but rather keep them fresh and clean. This bottle is filled with 100% toxin-free shower gel and the cute monster on the label means your kids will be just as excited to use it as you. $ 10, buy here.

7. Lotion: Tubby Todd. If what’s happening on your baby’s skin is just as important as what’s going on inside their body, then you want to make sure you’re using a 100% natural lotion that’s free from all of those foul-smelling toxins that we let’s talk endlessly. You can feel great coating your baby with Tubby Todd Extra Creamy Lotion which is safe for even the most sensitive newborn skin. Damn, it’s even gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free! $ 14, buy here.

8. Hair care: So Cozy Detangling. For older kids who need a detangler, So Cozy works like magic to keep tangles under control. It is designed to work quickly and efficiently, so there is no tugging or tearing. And just because it works well doesn’t mean it’s made from harsh ingredients. It is completely toxin-free and free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates. $ 9.99, buy here.

9. Spout cover: 4moms. With the 4moms spout cover, you can both protect your little one’s head from bumps and be sure the bath water is at a safe temperature. This faucet cover is made of a mold resistant foam material and is designed with a color coded digital thermometer for quick and easy readings. $ 30, buy here.

10. Kneeling: Skip the jump. Bath time can be tough on your knees, but luckily a cute bath kneel like this from Skip Hop keeps parents comfortable. We love this one because it’s made of a quick-drying, phthalate-free material and a non-slip base, and it includes a loop that lets you hang it up for storage. $ 16, buy here.

11. Rhoost hairbrush. Made with a bamboo wood handle and soft natural bristles, the Rhoost hairbrush is beautiful and made from 100% natural and organic materials. $ 11.95, buy here.

12. Hooded towel: Burt’s Bees. Is there anything cuter than a baby wrapped in a hooded towel? Made from 100% organic cotton, the Burt’s Bees Hooded Towel is perfect for keeping baby’s sensitive skin warm after bath time. $ 13, buy here.

13. Wash clothes: dairy. Lather your baby with these cute laundry clothes from Milk Barn. Beautiful prints make these wash clothes unique while the 100% organic cotton terry material makes them super soft on baby’s skin. $ 13.75, buy here.

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