Mini loan – borrow extra money online

If you want to borrow something more, We are a good option for a mini loan.

borrow small amount

Receive your mini loan today?

If you would like to have extra money deposited into your bank account today, that would be easy with your calling credit. This involved small amounts of € 20 to a tenner, but as mentioned, this provider stopped this mini-loan.
Receiving your mini loan today will be difficult but will it be fast enough tomorrow?
You borrow a small amount and pay this mini-loan back in a maximum of 45 days. Handy for when you’re tight and need extra money.

Borrowing fast money: Minus loan

So a mini loan is nothing more than an ordinary loan, but for a small amount. You can not go to the ordinary bank if you want to borrow € 100 or € 200. People soon ask family or friends for money.

That is no longer necessary now that Ferratum also provides mini-exercises. And the best part is that you can have your money the next day.
Because it is a small amount to borrow up to 1500 Euro , no BKR review is done. Handy if you can not go anywhere else to quickly borrow a small amount. Only borrow if you are certain that you can repay the loan. 

Want extra money today, request a mini loan?

Depending on your bank, you can receive the desired amount in your account within 24 hours. The amount will be transferred quickly after approval of your request on working days so that you can quickly dispose of your money.

Extra money by retaining more per month

It sounds simple, but you can also save extra money by lowering your fixed costs. Known from the TV program “A dime on its side” is the website Demolishing the crisis . They offer the possibility to directly cut costs by saving on your telephone costs, internet costs and your gas and light costs. This way you also have extra money and you do not have to take out a mini loan.

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