Microloan for entrepreneurs – Tips and information about business microloan

That is why many entrepreneurs are looking for a microloans.

The Netherlands has thousands of companies in the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) sector. This sector consists of many one-man businesses and smaller VOF companies, often with a somewhat lower budget. 

What is a microloans?

A microloans is a small loan for private individuals or entrepreneurs. A microloans is often a loan of up to 50,000 euros and has a shorter term than a regular loan. This type of business loan is often suitable for starting and existing entrepreneurs to prepare their working capital, or to bridge a loan gap.

Loan providers for a microloans

In the Netherlands, people are increasingly seeing a shift in loan applications. A number of years ago entrepreneurs often went to big banks. However, Dutch entrepreneurs are now increasingly claiming the so-called flexible loans. Banks are also gradually coming along with this shift. For example, we have made an overview for business owners with business loans .

Business loan for starting entrepreneurs

The Netherlands has many new registrations annually. Registrations often take place in the month of January, because people often see this as an opportune moment. When establishing your own company, there is often a lot involved. For example, a company often has to invest initially, which is often not possible with full equity. Borrowing direct money from a large bank is often not possible, because a company must be able to show annual figures. That is why starting entrepreneurs, who need a business loan, should look further than the regular way.

When a company has more equity, this gives confidence to a lender. However, there are many companies that have little equity. That is why it may be wise to look in the family circle, or there are some wealthy (loan) providers.

When some power is collected, an entrepreneur can look at a microloans. On our comparison page there are a number of loan providers for microloanss. Take a look, and compare the pros and cons by loan provider. View our page with business loans .

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