Loans are received via smartphone

Smartphone loans will enter our lives.


The smartphone has become the instrument that accompanies the increasing time periods of our days, so it’s no wonder that the actions that can be done through these devices are more and more , including, in a foreseeable future, that of obtaining personal loans .

To confirm all this come the news reported by the famous American agency Bloomberg , according to which the increasingly “smart” software will allow banks to monitor the operations carried out by their customers and their habits, thanks to the traces of the devices. In this way it will be easy to identify a reliability profile and possibly give consent to a loan operation, all in a measurable time frame even around 90 seconds .

Obviously such an operation would represent a real revolution in the sector, with Bloomberg that, based on data provided , indicates the emerging countries as a starting point for this operation. All of this by virtue of the fact that in these countries there are as many as 2 billion people who currently do not have a current account, moreover a substantial monetary base of 30,000 billion dollars is estimated.

The companies that try to make their way in this new sector are different, focusing all on the possibility of using algorithms that analyze the risks connected to customers via the web. To refine these techniques there are those who, like for example the German company Kreditech, are putting in place the possibility of granting micro loans from the amount of 100 €, so as to be able to concretely assess the risks, while there are other European countries where cell phone loans within 90 seconds are already practiced.

In short, it is only a matter of time and smartphone loans will enter our lives, with the bank who has already given his consent to the operation for the future.

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